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As a GOD Fearing, Texas Native, Third Generation Hispanic, Public Servant and Single Father. In my walk of life, I have known both opportunity and struggle.

Divorced in 2014, this was my rock bottom moment where I had lost everything. Yet, I would not be the man that I am today if it wasn't for my faith, relationship with and trust in GOD.

My service as an active member in my church has included serving in our First Impact Team, Men's Ministry, Community Outreach Ministries and Discipleship classes.

I began to grow a servant's heart to stand up for injustice, poverty, the homeless, the uneducated, our forgotten Veterans and low income families struggling in our communities.

I continue to further my education and expand my knowledge in both, scripture and in government affairs, striving to stand for what is fundamentally and morally right in the eyes of our Maker.

My professional experiences have included medical sales representative specializing in Orthopedics and Biologics in both, upper and lower extremities, management in multiple business retail industries and B2B management in aftermarket sales.

I am a proud member of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, Tarrant County Republican Hispanic Assembly, Arlington Republican Club, Ambassador for the TEXIT Grassroots Movement in Dallas/Fort Worth, National Rifle Association member and Texas Latino Conservative GOP PAC member.


We strive to bring Awareness of current events and issues, Educate with facts instead of propaganda or opinion, and Empower individuals to vote so they can make an informed decision for their families. We stand for Constitutional Rights & Conservative Republican Core Values.

Meet the Team

Behind the scenes are active members of the Vasquez Campaign Committee who are committed to bringing accountability, integrity and transparency with no other purpose than to serve the people.

Bryan Rios

Bryan Ríos

Campaign Manager & Assistant Treasurer

Originally hailing from the island of Puerto Rico, I've been blessed and privileged by our Heavenly Father to call Texas home since 2004.

Having served five years proudly and honorably with the Texas State Guard, I value and honor the sacrifice our men and women in uniform make every single day.

Fluent in several languages, my professional experiences have ranged from interpreter/translator to customer service and sales in the mortgage, banking, wireless retail, property management and insurance industries.

As a family man passionate about teaching leadership skills, I joined the Vasquez Campaign Committee to bring a higher standard of principles, civility and accountability in government.

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Pastor Bruce Engelman

Executive Counselor

Pastor Bruce Engelman has been the Senior Minister of Triumph Baptist Church in Fort Worth, TX for 14 years. Previous churches in which he pastored included congregations in Columbus, Ohio and Houston, Texas. He is also the founder of Athlete Outreach International, a faith-based consultant group and evangelistic outreach to America's high schools and colleges.

In terms of political experience, Pastor Bruce has been actively involved in political campaigns since 1970 when he worked as a young man in the Ohio gubernatorial elections. Since then, he has served as a political consultant for major campaigns in Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh and most recently for President George W. Bush in both 2000 and 2004 in Florida. In Texas, he served as an adviser to the congressional campaign of Bruce Chadwick in 2016.

Prior to entering the ministry and "going back to seminary", Pastor Bruce spent eight and a half years as an investigative reporter for ABC and CBS as well as an anchorman on PBS and in Chicago as a writer-reporter for the Pittsburgh Tribune. His best selling book, "Eternal Flame" is the only book about the JFK Assassination that puts the blame on the liberal establishment and deep-state for the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Tony & Betty Garcia

Rev. Tony & Betty Garcia

Campaign Chaplains

Tony and Betty Garcia are ordained Pastors who have a passion for people. Pastor Tony was born in Taft, TX in 1957. Pastor Betty was born in a home of pastors in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1957, half a world away. GOD had a plan to unite them.

He met Pastor Betty during one of the most devastating times in his life. Shortly after this troubling period, he heard a word from the Lord that brought this union together in 2005.

Together they pastor International World Vision Family Church. Their desire is to open orphanages in Uganda and in Zimbabwe, where they see great need.

They've known Fabian Cordova Vasquez to be a man after GOD's own heart, who has been an encouragement in their lives, not only as a bystander, but a hands on person to make a difference.

His overwhelming passion for people drives him to help others and deny himself for their sake. For this reason they are proud to support him and the Vasquez Campaign Committee by keeping them aligned with the word of GOD.