Now Is The Time...

Hello, my name is Fabian Cordova Vasquez, the Conservative Republican candidate for the people of Texas's 33rd Congressional District which includes portions of both Dallas and Tarrant Counties. I do not run for Congress merely to oppose an incumbent Democratic opponent, but to propose new policies. Policies that truly benefit and protect the people rather than to obtain political gain in Washington. I run because I am compelled by a higher calling to serve.

Our Country is heading towards what seems to be an indefinite course of constant division. I run to support, reinforce and stand firm on Constitutional Rights and Conservative Values for all peoples. Not because it is the only way, but because it is the right way. I believe this coming election in 2020 will be an election of morals.

At this time in the United States, we need to ask ourselves what direction do we want to move in as a Country. What inheritance do we want to leave for our children's children? We must do what is fundamentally and morally right in the eyes of our Maker. "IN GOD WE TRUST" is more relevant now than ever.

What we need in the United States is not division, nor lawlessness, nor hatred, nor racism towards one another. What has racism and hatred ever accomplished? What good has it ever created? What justice and peace can be praised from it?

So we stand in the name of Freedom & Unity. I run to put our Country's needs and protection above all else to seek the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all peoples, given to us by the highest authority in Heaven.

In District 33, my message is clear. We can no longer afford to vote against our own morals. To vote against what we believe in, what defines us and who we are. To vote in favor and traditionally for a political party? 'NO!' We must vote Conservative. We must vote for our Faith, Family & Freedom!

I am convinced, that we have been called to serve for such a time as this. I am asking for your support, prayers, donations, permission and your vote to represent the people of Texas's 33rd Congressional District. As we fight the good fight together!


*** Official Campaign Head Shot for Media ***

Fabian Cordova Vasquez TXCD33

Christian Values

"My faith and relationship with GOD is priority in my life. I will stand firm and seek council from what I believe is absolute truth, the word of GOD."

Family Values

"I am an advocate of traditional and extended family values that pertain to the family's structure, roles, function, beliefs and morals."


"I believe in equality and civil rights for everyone in regards to fairness and opportunity."


"The sanctity and innocence of human life is not only a matter of Christian beliefs but was also acknowledged by our Founding Fathers in the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. I believe that until and unless anyone can prove with factional evidence that a unborn "heartbeat" child is not a living human being, then that innocent life should be protected."

Bipartisanship & Unity

"We can all agree we need Bipartisanship & National Unity. I will invite both sides of the aisle to bring accountability, integrity and transparency with no other purpose than to work for the American people. I firmly believe there is more that unites us than what separates us as a Nation."

Safeguard Economic Growth

"I stand firm on safeguarding our economic growth as our Nation's highest priority. We must continue to be competitive in the global market. I will introduce and/or support sound economic policies to promote not only domestic but foreign investments in the U.S. We need to bring back 'Made In The USA' and continue to build confidence and strength in the U.S. dollar at home and abroad as the global currency."

Israel Alliance ברית ישראל

"I stand with Israel according to biblical scripture and support the United States' overall policy in the Middle East. I pledge to continue to strengthen our relationship, protect and promote an unbreakable cord between both Nations. We must continue financial, economic, diplomatic and military aid to secure safety and peace between all Nations in the Middle East."

Back The Blue

"We need Law & Order in such a time as this. I believe we must acknowledge there needs to a police reform in our Nation that brings accountability, integrity, transparency and protection to serve all people. I pledge to advocate for more resources. I will never support a policy to defund our police."

Immigration Reform

"I believe we can do better in a bipartisan effort regarding our Immigration, DACA and Asylum laws. We should acknowledge the humanitarian crisis at our border by acting immediately and wisely, putting our Country's needs and protection first. Let me be clear, I welcome all immigrants who enter this great Country of ours through the correct and legal process."

Affordable Healthcare Reform

"No one should have to be forced to choose between paying soaring healthcare premiums, increasing prescription drug prices and high co-pays during doctors visits or the basic necessities of life. Every American should have access to quality, affordable healthcare. I will introduce and/or support immediate legislation that will address this issue in a way that favors the patient."

Education Reform

"I believe this is a call to action to provide fundamental finance courses in our schools on how to budget, highlight debt and encourage money management to our students. Teachers are the foundation of our education system. We need to compensate them generously and supply them with the resources needed to compete in tomorrow's world."

National Security

"I truly believe there is no question that we must at all times maintain the security of the Country through the use of economic strength, diplomacy, front line education, border security and power projection through our military and political influence around the world. These factors guarantee our National Security both at home and abroad."

Small Government

"I believe the purpose of government is described in the Preamble of The U.S. Constitution which is to establish justice, provide defense, promote general welfare, insure peace and liberty to its citizens. Nowhere in this Preamble does it state the government's need to control every aspect of our lives. This is why I support limited government and will safeguard the privacy and personal freedoms of every American."

Minimum Wage Increase

"This is a call for immediate action. The federal minimum wage has not changed from $7.25 since July 24th, 2009. However, in the last 10 years every major corporation in the U.S. has reported record profits while employees have struggled to provide the basic needs of food, shelter, gas, etc. I believe we can achieve a healthy balance between profitability and fair wages."

Safeguard Social Security

"We need to honor and safeguard all Social Security benefits before cash reserves are expected to be exhausted by the year 2034. In the near future, paying out only what it takes in year-to-year is unacceptable. Funding Social Security has nothing to do with the budget deficit, yet everything to do with mismanagement. We can do better."

Right To Keep & Bear Arms

"The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: 'A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.' Therefore, I stand by the individual's right to protect themselves, their families and property, period."

Military Superiority

"There is no debate that our Nation's military must remain superior in its global role and presence. I will oppose any cuts to military spending and will always stand firm in full support of our proud men and women serving in uniform. We must also never forget our honorable Veterans to whom we owe a debt of gratitude."

Clean Energy & Independence

"We must continue to strive for a balanced solution to our Country's energy needs. I will encourage innovation, research and development in renewable clean energy sources to continue decreasing our reliance on foreign oil. I will also continue to support our President's policies by keeping America the #1 producer of energy in the world."


"The U.S. is in significant need of expansion, replacement and repair of its infrastructure which dates back from the 1930's & 50's. I will continue to support the President's vision of infrastructure improvements that include airports, bridges, highway and railway networks, ports and waterways."

Technology Advancement

"I pledge to support and showcase Texas in its continued role as a nationwide and global technology hub with world class universities and corporations in all fields spearheading innovation."

How Can I Speed The Cause?

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